How do I fix the transfer case on my 2003 4X4 GMC Sierra?

The four wheel drive will not work and I need to know how to fix the transfer case in order to get the four wheel drive working again.

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    well i am gonna throw out a few possible answers to this. If you have a push button 4wd there can be a few things you need to check. One would be the actuator on the transfer case that puts it in 4wd. The other even if it is a manual transfer case is the switch on the front end. It is highly unlikely you messed up the transfer case. Unless you was really acting the fool in the truck. Even then usually you tear up the tranny before the transfer case. It is more than likely one of the electrical items i listed.

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    4 years ago

    You will be able to use another t-case from an 88-97 Gm truck or fullsize SUV (half-ton models). For these years, they have 4-bolts that hold the t-case to the transmission. Newer models have 6-bolts and that wont work! You could go to the junkyard and use a t-case from one of these years. I'm assuming that your truck is the push-button 4wd. Even if you bought a floor shift t-case, just place it in 2wd and go. If you use (junkyard) another transfer case, you will not need to modify anything. You will be able to use your existing rear driveshaft. If you want to completely remove the t-case, you will need a different tail housing on the transmission for a 2wd (can be junkyarded) and the longer drive shaft from the same wheelbase truck that yours is (reg cab shortbed, reg cab longbed, ect). Before you install you new/used t-case, change out the fluid. If you do a different drive shaft, replace the u-joints and check for balance prior to installation. If it were me, I would replace the t-case with another one.

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    Need more info, why do you think it's the t-case?

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    im like the rest i need more info to help

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  • 1 decade ago

    need to know ,is it elec shift or manual shift.

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