need information on starting a small business in Clarksburg West Virginia?

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    First, check out why West Virginia scored 49th in the list of business friendly States on Only Louisiana in the wake of Katrina scored lower. West Virginia is a racketeer State. The minute you file for your business license, every State agency will have it's hand out looking for a cut of the action before you get started. You'll be heavily regulated, routinely audited by the State tax Dept. and offered absolutely nothing in return for the high taxes you will pay. You will be limited in getting business insurance because most major companies have pulled out of the State. So you're gonna pay a boat load. Even though the workers comp has been privatised, you will still pay a much higher rate than you would on a comparable employee in...say... Virginia which, ironically is Forbes best State to do business in. West Virginia is a nice place to visit, an o.k. place to live, but about the last place on Earth I'd ever own another business. We relocated our business from Hampshire County WV to Frederick County, VA two years ago and never looked back. I always discourage people from starting a business in WV. But forewarned is forearmed...good luck.

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    1 decade ago

    Go to city hall and get a license for about $100.

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