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Should California pass a law that bans spanking?

Is it violent? Is it effective or will it teach the kid to resort to hitting when angry?

All I know is that some kids are really really bad.....What do you think?

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    Although I don't agree with spanking as the usual form of punishment, but when everything else failed sometimes

    a spank might work.

    I think the law shouldn't be passed.

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    While I don't agree with spanking a child as a form of discipline (there never being an excuse for violence except for self defense), I don't believe we need this law. There are already laws in place forbidding child abuse. They simply need to be enforced. If you see some woman in the grocer's screaming and swinging on her child(ren), that is not discipline - that is abuse. Call the cops and/or protective services. I did it to a neighbor and her children were removed until she completed a parenting class. Her household was much more peaceful after that and her children were better behaved. It's amazing what a time out can do when you take the time to actually parent your child rather than just swing on them when they anger you/break the rules.

    I never had to even consider spanking my child. He was always well behaved, never gave me any problems. But then again, he was taught what was acceptable and what was not from a very early age. If all children were taught right from wrong from birth, spanking wouldn't even be a term. Children get out of control because they have lazy or complacent parents who are too busy trying to be their child's 'friend' rather than a parent, or are too busy with their own lives to take the time to raise their children properly. I've never met anyone who was actively engaged with their children that had to spank as a form of discipline. I think all spanking does is show anyone who witnesses it that you are not an effective parent.

    I would NOT vote for this law. But I would feel very sorry for someone who couldn't manage their own child to the point they felt they had to resort to violence. I might even call protective services if they were 'spanking' in anger or while yelling. They obviously need help, and so do their children.


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    I think this law is just another form of government control. When I was growing up a good smack on the *** meant you did something wrong. Now with the HRS scare people are afraid of old fashion discipline. I think the kids these days wouldn't be so screwed up if they got a good smack on the *** when the misbehaved. I'm not saying everyone should beat their kids, I just saying discipline. What's with this time out? That is a joke if I ever heard one. What happened to go stand in the corner? now it's just go to time out. I remember it was a blessing, when you were told to go get the belt because at least then you could pick the one that hurt the least. People need to mind their own business and start raising their own kids and disciplining their own kids instead of passing laws telling people how they can and can't discipline their children.

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    No, spanking should not be banned.

    It should not be used as a first choice of discipline. But some children respond to spanking better than time outs. Spankings are not violent as long as they are done appropriately - not intended to actually do real harm - belts should not be used, only an open hand.

    Kids need to be disciplined, the country is getting out of hand because parents try to be a "cool friend" instead of a person of guidance, morals, maturity, & responsibility.

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    No that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!!! Do we really need that big of a brother? Though I do not condone child abuse, it should be left up the reasonable parent to decide mode of punishment. And I was spanked as a child and I have yet to spank my children (ages 5-7)

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    NO! get away with a lot of bad things these days. I've seen kids hit their parents and think that it was ok. There are too many stupid laws that protect the kids who really need to be disiplined. Who wants to pass a STUPID law anyway?

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    Absolutly not, its because of these laws that kids these days are so bratty in the first place.

    My mother smacked me when I was a child and I turned out just fine, i have respect for others and never felt the need to do drugs and have sex at 12.

    Kids these days need a damn good smack.

  • Anonymous
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    "Spare the rod, spoil the child." Child abuse is wrong, but a good smack on the butt is just what some kids need. I got spanked growing up and I turned out okay.

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    You don't abuse your kids but i don't think that the government should tell you how to raise your kids. You have to teach your kids what is right and wrong and by punishing your children that is one way by teaching them not to do certain things that is wrong. You love your kids, let them have a childhood, let them have fun but when it's time for business they have to know and when they acted up, WHOOP THEY ***!!!!

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    I don't think there is a definate correlation between "bad" kids and spanking children. Leave it to the parents to raise their children as they see fit to.

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