My sis started her period and she wants to know what she should and shouldnt do and what she should avoid.?


Oh she also wanted to know what are the best brands. I only use one brand.

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    1. Eating salty foods (causes bloating).


    1. Excercise lightly. It helps cramps.

    2. Experiment with different pads (different absorbencies, lengths, with or without wings, brands), tampons (absorbencies, brands, and types like slimfits and gentle glides). Sorry, I don't know too much about cups. Just Instead and Divacup.

    3. Drink water instead of sodas.

    4. Change her pads every 2-4hrs, her tampon every 4-8hrs, or her cup every 12hrs.

    My favorite brand of pads is Always. They're the most comfortable pads I have every tried. I use the nighttime ones with wings which are longer and cover more of my panties while I'm sleeping. Your sister may not like them she may want to try Kotex or Stayfree.


    I like Tampax the most. I like the cardboard ones and tampax pearl they're really comfortable. I haven't tried any other ones...but your sister may want to.


    My friend uses Instead and she says they're really comfortable, but I've never tried them. There's also the divacup.

    Also good sites for your sister are:

    Hope this helped!

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    She should use the pads for the first couple months so she can find out if she is going to have a heavy flo or a light one. She needs to decide if she is going to use tampons or stick with pads. Tampons cannot be left inside long, they can cause toxic shock syndrome which can kill you. Ibuprofin and motrin are great meds for cramps. Getting a heating pad is a good idea and dont' wear white during the first couple days of your cycle. She also needs to know that her moods may change before, during, and after her period.

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    If she is prone to cramps, take ibuprofen a day or two before she expects her period, it will help lots with the cramping. Sign up for any freebies you can get to try out all the products and see what you like best. I am a big fan of Always myself and honestly, I found Playtex sport tampons to be too small and not absorbant for long. But every woman is different. Try for freebies, any you can get ;)

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    First if you are writing this for your sister, it's telling me she has chosen you to open up to. Good for her that she could turn to someone.

    Second, tell her to be herself just more aware of her body and hygiene. More baths or shower at monthly time /s, maybe use more body deodorant /s and fresh change of under clothes.

    No tampons for a while as it's not recommend for the first time starters. And always wear panty liners days before she would normally start.

    She will be starting on or about the day she did each month.

    Please if at all sexually active (Too young I would guess) but if at all talk to doctor about form of Birth Control.

    Good luck to your sister and thank you for taking care of her needs and just being a good sister


    Source(s): A mother Knows Best
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    If she has cramps, taking calcium on a regular basis helps. Staying hydrated helps also. I use an off brand of pads, from Wal-Mart. Just whatever is comfortable.

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    tak midol for cramps. use always pads. stay away from salt during or couple days b4 period because it can worsen cramps. and if her period is heavy, wear overnight pads and pads with wings to avoid staining of clothes and underwear. she must change pad every 3 hours.

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    uhmm she shouldn't use a tampon until her 3rd or 4th period b/c it might damage her walls .. and i recommend stayfree ultra thin pads for then .. but once she starts using tampons i recommend tampax pearl.. she should avoid wearing a tampon more than 6 hours althought they recommend 8 i think thats pushing it a bit too far

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    Tampons are scary right away, but when she's ready-Tampax Pearl is the best by far. My only buy. Good luck! :)

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    avoid wearing light colored pants.. waer dark underwear. don't drink cold water. When hungry, eat becuase you are losing blood. Drink lots of water.

    Always is pretty good.

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    use the ones with wings so she can glide around the living room during commercials

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