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Need help with my "To Kill A Mockingbird" essay, can someone help?

I have to write an essay for the book “To Kill A Mockingbird.” I already have some ideas on what I am going to write, but some additional help from people who know the book better would be appreciated. Below is the main question I need to answer, and three sub-questions that need to be answered in my body paragraphs. If you are willing to help, you don’t have to write an essay for me. Just a sentence or two for each of the 4 questions summarizing what I should write. And please don’t reply and say that I want someone to write my essay for me, because that’s not what I’m asking for. I’m just looking for some useful information that I should use when I have to write it. 10 points to the person with the best answer. Here is the question:


How are the people of Maycomb able to think of themselves as good people after what they did to Tom Robinson? (1)

a) Describe how the Missionary Tea Ladies react to the trial’s verdict and explain what it shows about them. (2)

b) Describe what Mr. Underwood says in his editorial and how the people react and explain what it shows about them. (3)

c) Describe what Mrs. Gates says in class and after the trial and explain what that says about her. (4)


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    The Missionary tea ladies are upset with their household servants to the point of one of them threatening to fire her cook, because the cook seems angry and depressed about the verdict of the trial. This show that the Missionaries expect blacks to be happy with the way things are in Maycomb. The Missionary acts as if she is doing a favor to the cook to keep paying her, without realizing that the cook has earned her money through all the meals she has prepared. The whole scene is ironic because the Missionaries are supposed to be spreading good news,not repression.

    Mr. Underwood describes that Tom was shot 17 times. (couldn't the guards have shot him once in the leg? ) and states that regardless of what Tom is accused of, he feels it is a sin to kill cripples. The people in town react angrily to this editorial; some even withdraw their ads,or stop purchasing the paper. This shows that they only want to read news that reflects their

    own opinion.

    Mrs. Gates has the students bring in current events about Hitler and discusses what a shame it is that Jews are being penned up in concentration camps. Later she states that she was glad Tom was convicted, even if he was innocent, because his conviction will keep blacks in their place. She is only against Hitler's actions because they attack whites. She has no problem with mistreatment of other races.

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    Read the book and then if you don't understand it, ask your teacher or use sparknotes.com to GUIDE you.

    To write an essay:

    Normal essays contain 5 paragraphs.

    1 intro paragraph: 5 sentences

    - Includes an attention-grabbing intro

    - You NEED a thesis, which is a sentence summarizing your essay.

    3 body paragraphs: At least 5 sentences EACH

    - Each paragraph must contain one thought or supportive idea that goes with your thesis.

    - Use quotes to back up your facts.

    Conclusion: 3 - 5 sentences

    - Restate your thesis

    - Leave the readers with a good ending.

    Remember, use correct grammar/spelling and descriptive words.

    Good luck!

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    Throughout life people are steriotyped, misread, and seen as something they aren't. This can often have severe impacts on the persons life and the way they interact with the world around them. The strong image of the mockingbird is represented through several characters in (Authors name i can't remember)'s To Kill A Mocking Bird such as Boo and Tom Robinson.

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    dude the movie of this book will help cuzz movies just hit on the main points of the book, so if u watch the movies, u'll be able to write a good essay, but u still have to reread the book tho

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    Read the appropriate parts of the book again, if you have indeed read it in the 1st place.

    It would appears you are trying to get somebody else to do your homework.

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    i havent read it ina while but #1,4. there just dont know any better, all theyve really known is prejudice and are ignorant (and i dont mean there stupid, they just dont know and cant put them selves in to others peeps shoes) sorry thats all i got, hope it kinda helped.

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    if you read the book it would help

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