how did Hitler use the treaty to gain power?

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    i don't know what treaty you're talking about.. perhaps the treaty of versailles? i guess we'll never be able to help you because you asked too broad of a question

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    A treaty is a binding agreement under international law. Although Hitler did not have the power to enter into treaties before gaining power, he used them to his advantage after becoming Chancellor of Germany. Hitler would enter into and break treaties whenever it benefited Germany. Both Great Britain and Russia signed treaties with Germany under Hitler's leadership. He then used them to gain an advantage over the rest of the contintent and ... well ,I think we all know the rest.

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    did you mean the treaty of versailles or the Treaty of non-aggression between Germany and the USSR. I guess cunning as he was, in my opinion, he made alliance with a super-power country. The treaty of non-aggression made a protocol that independent countries in the european bloc like Finland, Hungary, Poland, Romania etc. in which the countries were divided into spheres of interest. The protocol explicitly assumed territorial and political rearrangement. Well, this has nothing to do with your question. But going back to it, Hitler, perhaps used the treaty, deceptive as he was , to misguide the citizens of the european bloc that the treaty was indeed aimed at keeping peace. He duped them (confidence trick) for later on, Germany and USSR subsequently invaded all the mentioned countries.

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    Ill tell you: The treaty said he couldnt start war or buy a mass porduction of guns, so what did he do? He got an army and trained them with shovels. They marched through the streets with shovels. At the right moment, he borke the treaty, and replaced the shovels with guns. He sent his army to invade Poland and other places, then took the Jews and Gypsies and put them in Death Camps. Other leaders feared him. No one would help. Even America would only take certain ppl, like Einstein & Famous Jewish Theologians & Other really smart ppl.

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    He used the terty of Treaty of Versailles to unite the germans and gain political power, He had gambled that by defying it the rest of the world would not chalenge him in creating his warmachine, by the time the world was awake it was too late, Poland, France, Holand, the Netherlands Africa was all under Nazi ocupation, 1939...

    This is why we went to war with Iraq in 03. to stop him from having WMD's so we would not have to face another war where the whole world is in flame, or radaited....

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    If you mean the Treaty of Versailles. He didn't recognize it. Germany started to rebuild it's army and air force in secret and he just marched into the Rhineland and ordered the navy to build submarines which were outlawed for Germany by it.

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