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pls help cigarette problem?

my friend smokes but from holding the cigarette , her fingers are stained , and so wants to buy one of them long things which you can put the cigarette in and smoke through it. but she dosent know what it was called. i thought they were called cigarette holder but when looking for one on the internet alls that came up for cigarette holder was like a tin to keep them in

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    Probably no one makes them anymore. Try "cigarette holder" on e bay or Craig's list.

    Maybe she could use chopsticks.........OR......

    This web site

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    I thought they were called cigarette holders too. How about looking up plastic cigarette filters. In essence they are a kind of filter. Or a "single" cigarette holder. Maybe that would work. Good luck.

    PS - My aunt uses toothpaste to takes the stains and smell from her fingers.

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    Not exactly, check out pages where you can buy accessories for smokers. Back in the sixties women would use these really long ones, some were made of really fancy gold cardboard and plastic. Cigarrette cases are to keep cigarrettes in. By the way, your friend could consider quitting smoking altogether because not only are her fingers getting stained yellow, check the teeth and most importantly the lungs.

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    there is not any basic thanks to resign! What you should do is wrestle wrestle wrestle the urge! decrease down slowly, perhaps from 5 an afternoon, all the way down to 4, then 3, then 2, then a million then none! of direction it isn't user-friendly and also you'll't merely decrease down interior of a few days, it takes months, in certain circumstances even years! merely attempt to wrestle the urge as a lot as conceivable! even although you're mind craves it, you want to end! also, in case you want to, purchase patches! They artwork! attempt to keep in innovations little data to placed you off, which contain "each and every cigarette takes 7 minutes out of your existence" which im no longer effective is authentic, yet i heard it become, strong success! xx

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  • They are called ciagrette holders. She needs not to smoke - if the cigarettes are staining her fingers imagine what they are doing to her lungs. Don't help her destroy herself.

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    Try looking up, Cig. Filters.

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