why is milk such a great compliment to sweets?

I just can't have this cake without milk

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    Well, nobody has yet to make a cake that doesn't need some form of beverage to go with it yet. On the flip side of the coin, milk is a base, sugar is an acid. This you can find on the periodical table of elements. I.E., base materials neutralize acids. Acids cause things to burn or liquefy. Hence why milk goes great with Whoppers or even mint patties. Plus, very cold milk acts as an added cooling agent to make your mouth feel fresher after eating sweet things.

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    Why would you want to drink milk in the first place?

    Humans are the only animal that drinks milk past infancy, and then it's not even from the correct species! Too many people are still trying to defend milk's supposed health benefits. Unfortunately, they are either using old information or information obtained from research funded by the dairy association. How many people would enjoy a glass of dog's milk or rat's milk? What makes cows special?

    There are only two reasons which I've found to support humans drinking cow's milk. We have grown up hearing that it's good for us and we've grown accustomed to the taste and texture. There is absolutely no nutrition that can not be obtained elsewhere, minus the negatives. Calcium seems to be the major claim for milk. It can be found elsewhere in green vegetables, almonds, and many other sources. Where do you think the cows obtain the calcium to put into the milk? Where do other larger animals (elephants, horses, deer, whales, etc) get calcium? Why we continue to drink cow's milk laced with growth hormones, antibiotics, and who knows what else is beyond me.

    Since I've given up drinking milk about 5 years ago my health has greatly improved. I suffer fewer allergy problems, asthma and breathing problems are greatly reduced, I'm sleeping better, and I have more energy.

    In the '50s smoking was considered harmless but now we realize its dangers. One person at a time and eventually the truth will become widely known that cow's milk is only for baby cows. Milk is indeed the perfect food, but only for infants of the proper species.

    Do some research online and decide for yourself. These sites have plenty of information, including recipes and other sources of essential nutrients including calcium.




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    coz its like eating chocolates(n everyone loves chocolate!), theres milk solids in chocolates and sugar so having milk with cake is like eating chocolates! LOL

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    Milk is great with anything and everything!!

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    because it is creamy just like your dessert!

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