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Can someone hlep me?!?

I really need your help!?!?

this is this girl i like this year in my sophmore year of high school but im not sure if she likes me. We walk toeghter after 6th hour to the bus but one of her friends that is a girl walks with us too. She is kinda a loud person but shes a little louder when i'm around. She always says hi to me in the hallway but i think she probley does that to everyone tho. she asked to be lab parthers for chemistry, she wants me to wait for her after class, she always flips up my collar on one of my shirts and when i talk to someone else and i see her she always mocks me but in a joking kinda way.

Im not sure if she likes me or not beacuse i kinda figuer that hows loud people are. Most of the people in our class thinks shes not ugly but not the hottest person in the world and i don't think im too adtracitve but im not one of those guys that looks like they don't take a shower either. Do you think she likes me?

also, when we were walking one time she said that one of me and her friends thought that she liked me, she was saying it to the other friend we walk with and they whispered something but i pertended like i didn't hear anything beacuse it was loud and crowed their

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    shes probubly just bein friendly, i no a loud person, she acts the same way, lol

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    Hey!wake up.You are so worked up on these thoughts that you must care about if she does or not like u.U seem worried about the "class" she's n.Good lookin or ugly then u rate yurself.I say shes interested but be prepared for rejection,Obviously not as a freind but a b/f.If she says yeah n u like her f everyone else and the "class" u'll b n and b happy with her.If she rejects the couple thing u hav a choice.Be a jealous dick n b upset n lose her as a freind or overlook the attraction and hav her as a freind,n things from that may develope later.

    Good luck.

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    I think you should ask her out! It sounds like she definetly likes you. I'm one of the "loud" types too, and when I like a guy I always get a little louder around him, trying to show off lol. And she asked you to be lab partners!! It's a sign! :P I'd say she likes you.

  • Trust me not all loud people do that to everyone

    i am [very] loud and yea i say hi to people in the hall and stuff but what she is boing is stricly


    so ask her out!

    be yourself you will have a blast!


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    yep i think she likes you, if she said that someone thought she liked you, she might have let you hear her say that to see what your reaction would be, or to make you start thinking about it.

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    ask her if she does

    Or ask her to the movies

  • duh she likes u get real

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