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how to make an electric guitar body?

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    First you'll need a little woodworking experience. Using a bandsaw, a router, rasps and sanders will be important. This is harder than it sounds.

    1) Find a piece of wood big enough for your design (or glue together a blank big enough for it) that is at least 1-5/8" thick, up to about 1-3/4" thick.

    2) Determine the scale length you are going to use. Draw a centerline down the wood and make all the marks for controls and the exact position of the neck pocket and bridge. Bridge and neck placement is extremely important.

    3) Cut out the shape of the body and rout out the cavities to the correct shape and depth. Again, high precision is needed for shape and depth so you might want to make templates to follow.

    4) Drill necessary holes, sand, finish, assemble.

    For a better and more detailed explanation, buy "How to Build Your Own Electric Guitar" by Melvyn Hiscock. I used to teach guitar building at a vocational school and this book was our "first year" textbook.

    Source(s): I build guitars for a living
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