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How do I get my user name and password for changing ports on my modem?

so i am opening ports from my new wireless router so i can host games. i went to run... command,,, ip config... i put my default gateway into internet explorer and it ask for user name and password... I dont know them. How can i retrive that info?>???


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    For you to access the internet you need your ID and password. It is the same ID and password that your router is asking for. You see, you might be someone trying to figure out how to get in someone else's computer. But you have to call the internet service up , answer certain questions and the trick question that most ask you to make and you can get your password and id again.

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    It depends on your type of wireless router. If it's a linksys more than likely it's username : admin/password : admin. If it's Dlink it's probably username : admin/password : (none). Read the quick start guide that came with your wireless router and it should tell you what the default username and password are. If you bought the wireless router from someone else. Go to the manufacturers website, download the manual for your model of wireless router (usually you can find this in the support section), then look for a "reset" button which is usually on the back or the bottom and can usually only be pressed by using a pen. Press the reset button for 30 seconds and you should have just reset you router to the factory default and you can now use the default user name and password found in the manual you downloaded.

    Hope that helps!


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    If you have the manual for the router, look in that to see if there's a default password. If your ISP provided it, call them and ask. If it's Comcast, the username is "comcast" and the password is "1234".

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