Where do you report a business not paying the bills and now payroll checks are bouncing.?

I know your thinking "get another job" But Most of us have been there 15+ years and we are a goverment funded buisness.We would like to keep our jobs.


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Very Good answer, Thanks ! That has helped. The employee's are not goverment workers. Our company GETS goverment issused checks.So would that be the same ?

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    Contact your state's Department of Labor. They'll have a division that handles payroll problems. A couple of other things you said caught my interest as an atty. It is a crime to pass bad checks, so you should also call your local District Atty/Prosecutor. They will have a White Collar Crimes prosecutor. It's federally funded? That's helpful to you, also. The U.S. Attorney's office in your state should be contacted and they will refer it to the F.B.I. There's no legimate reason for a fed'ly funded program to run out of operating funds. This could bring the feds down on the business, but makes your ability to get paid easier.

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    I think it is the attorney general for your state that you need to contact. I might be wrong. Or the labor board. I will be honest with you though, if it is a large company, and they are not paying bill and payroll is bouncing... you may be looking for a job soon anyway.

    I am a gymnastics coach. Small company in Panama City, Florida.... so kind of hard to compare to a goverment funded business... but I had a job where weekly my payroll checks were bouncing. I loved the job itself, and the kids I taught, so I was far more leinient than I should have been. I even allowed them to repay a bounced payroll check in check form because what am I going to tell my boss.... cash only? ( I should have).

    I took two weeks off for my honeymoon. My previous two paychecks had bounced.... my boss told me due to clerical errors. The day I left I deposited the replacement check in my bank. I had a friend picking up the checks for the next two weeks and depositing them when they were available. I left on my honeymoon charging my debit card across Kissimee, FL. Close to the end of my honeymoon, I started to get denied. I was not sure why. When I got home I found out. Not only had the replacement check bounced... so had the following two paychecks. After all the returned check fees and forced payements (charged and approved before the replacement check had been redecucted from my account) I was almost 4k in debt to my bank. She refused to give me cash to replace the checks... so I started bringing them to her bank the minute the checks were released and bringing the check back to her with a demand for a money order or cash if the check was refused due to NSF. I found another job in Texas, and had to file a small claims suit to get the money I had rightfully coming to me. But I got it back.... with interest. But if they are floundering now... it wont be long. I hate to tell you, but beef up your resume....get some good letters of recommendation from your current supervisors and get ready to pound the pavement. Hopefully it will not come to that... but be ready in case it does.

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    County Clerk

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    How about your local district attorney or that part of the government that issues the funding .

    Good luck to you all .

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