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Why did goldberg leave WWE?

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    On March 31, 2004, Goldberg's contract expired and, following a short period of negotiations, was not renewed.

    I like Goldberg so much but right now I talk him on Yahoo before doing movie is Half Past Dead 2.

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    Because the WWE already had a nasty guy that wore black to the ring...his name was Stone Cold Steve Austin. Bill Goldberg was only as good as whatever push he received in WCW. Basically, Vince McMahon didn't care that Goldberg's ego got overinflated in the other company, he didn't have to keep Goldberg unbeatable if he didn't want to. Bill Goldberg took his ball and went home, because he refused to accept that while he was a huge deal in WCW, in the WWE, where they already had Stone Cold, the Rock, Taker, Mankind, HHH, HBK, Kurt Angle, etc...they didn't need Goldberg. They had more than enough stars as it was. In WCW, they had far fewer guaranteed bankable wrestlers that could draw, so Goldberg could be superpushed into the spotlight.

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    His one year contract with the WWE expired.

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    mcmahon is an idiot. he screwed up the entire year for goldberg. he booked him wrong and screwed up his last match

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    i guess he felt unhappy in wwe. i guess he didnt like wwe to tell you the truth i dont blame him he was better in wcw but damn he dominated wwe.

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    Because he knew he couldn't run rough shot over all the guys in the locker room...and he is the second self loathing a!@@#hole next to the WARRIOR.......And His movies suck soTHERE!!!!!1

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    because he won't more money..and a feud with austin

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