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My best friends boyfriend likes me more than her? What do i do?

i have just find out that my best friends b/f likes me more than he likes her and thats he's been in love with me since the sixth grade and i'm in 9th now.. how do i tell her without hurting her, because i don't want to keep it from her.

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    You need to just keep it quiet, and steer clear of him, don't spend any time alone with him. You don't want him dumping her because he thinks he has a chance with you.

    If she ever asks, you've got to tell her, but don't make trouble unless you have to. You don't want to be with him anyway, any guy who would leave his girlfriend for her best friend, is a male skank.

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    Is she your friend??? Then you need to be quiet and not say a darn thing. Be her friend and let the dude do what he needs to....

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