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How to delete web sites already visited that are stored under the search box space?

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    One of three things:

    1. Go to tools>internet options>delete cookies and clear history.

    2. On your IE toolbar click ohe n the green arrow circle next to 'search' and 'favorites' Orer press Control then H. Your history should pop up. Highlight the listing you want removed by dragging the mouse on top of it, right click, select delete and it should delete it.

    3. (All of this is found in Yahoo Answers) Go to 'All Categories'. Then go to 'Yahoo products' at end of the list. Then go to 'Yahoo search'. Then find a question that explains “How to clear the Yahoo History". You should find your answer there.

    Good Luck!


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    Well :according towards in "Deleting visited Websites "

    just go to check mail and put an x sender's box then just click

    only once and the"Spam Gaurd is turned on .Also some times that would work or plain "Erase " ! before leaving there ok ?

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    Tools,internet option's,general tab,down clear search history,also while there clear cookies and temp file's need to do this couple time's a week.

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