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has anyone read animal farm?

we have to make some ads for it... as in trying to promote animal farm and demote Mr. Jones.

any ideas for an art ad? the only words we can use for the art ad is ANIMAL FARM.. any help would be appreciated

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    Draw a pig with a dictator's costume and the other animals being scared at his command...use some pictures of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez to get an idea of the pig's look

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    sure thank you, I truthfully have. it extremely is slightly much less dynamic in its message now than it replaced into on the time it replaced into written. at that factor Communism replaced into seen by way of fact the superb risk to the Western international, yet that has now subsided. the excellent component is an allegory on human nature. The characters can all be somewhat while in comparison with people, the unquestioning, prepared workers; the sneaky, conniving plotters spying on the folk and the Capitalists (pigs) who get everyone to swallow their "idealism", and function an incredible time on the same time as all and sundry else suffers. Orwell rightly predicted this difficulty in Russia. The Comunist leaders and their cronies have been residing the extreme-existence on the same time as the folk starved. yet another factor the e book made replaced into how effective propaganda and slogans could be in making everyone do what the rulers desire. only seem on the flaws politicians immediately pop out with: "war on terror" being repeated advert infinitum is an somewhat solid occasion!

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    If you have to do this in the form of a sculpture, then you've got your work cut out for you. Check the category, please.

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