Do I have grounds for a law suit against a daycare center for neglecting my son?

Two seperate occasions:

One where I found him laying face down un-concious with a high fever on his class room floor and the Director didn't even know about it till I got there. The teacher left him there for 45 minutes.

Two where I had to rush my two year old to the ER because his penis is infected. He isn't circumsized and they apparently didn't have enough training on how to properly change the diaper of an uncircumsized boy. Now i'm taking time off from work as a single mom and thats' not helping matters at all. This day care center has been nothing but trouble. I don't know what to do.

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    Don't take him back there again!!!!! My god, that is just crazy. Report the daycare and switch your son to a different one! Good luck!

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    I know what your going trough I have a friend who had her son going to a day care and she would be giving them at least two weeks worth of baby food and her son would come home acting like he hadn't had anything to eat all day and to top it off they would be telling her by the end of the week that he needed more baby food because he was almost out.

    Well, what I'm trying to get at is you need to talk to their boss and tell them whats going on and if you don't see any improvement in the next few days I would look into finding someone who runs a home daycare because that's what my friend had to do and she didn't have any problems after that.

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    First off, after finding your son face down, unconcious, and without attendance for 45 min....WHY WOULD YOU take your


    Secondly, I don't really believe that an INFECTED PENIS is an

    EMERGENCY....that should have been handled with IN HOME


    My advice to you would be to REPORT the day care center

    for the 1st OFFENSE! You can contact the proper authorities

    thru your city, or county offices. You may also have a CHILD

    CARE RESOURCE CENTER in your area that may be able to

    help you and assist you in finding suitable day care elsewhere.



    Source(s): Mother of 4 sons, ages ranging from 20 yrs. to 32 yrs. old...and past day care provider to many, many children, some with serious disabilities...all of whom I LOVE VERY MUCH!
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    the first instance criminal charges yes, but possibly not now unless you have video evidence or a doctor to testify, altho the laws in yankland maybe different.

    the second no. in this country (australia) 'daycare' workers can not legally pull back the skin on a boys penis. just clean the outside of it.

    simple solution change centres.

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