Student Loan and tax refund?

I was late on my student loan. Im pretty sure I was not in default, but now I have taken care of it and did a forbearance. Do I still have the chance of losing my refund?

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    1 decade ago
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    4 years ago

    in case you have been declared in default they're going to take any federal refund till the student very own loan is paid. That generally got here approximately in spite of the arrangements. the only way that it does no longer is that if the association have been made formerly you have been in default and the internal maximum loan holder chooses to no longer positioned you in default as area of the association.

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    if you mean will the amount of student loan interest you can deduct be affected by whether or not you're in forebearance or repayment on a loan, no it makes no difference.

    if you paid student loan interest, you will get a statement that tells you how much you paid for the previous year. that amount might be smaller if you didn't pay on your loan for whatever reason, but if you paid it, you still get to claim it... which does have an impact on your tax refund...

    Source(s): i'm a financial aid counselor
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