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Can someone use the word Parity, Plausible, and Parsimony in two sentences for each?




Two sentences for each

Thx whoever gives me two sentences for each will get 10points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    - Prison officers are demanding pay parity with the police force.

    -The Canadian dollar is striving to achieve parity with the British pound in the European market.


    - Jane is a plausible liar. She argued very plausibly that Hegel's claims were true.

    - Her story sounded plausible when I heard it yesterday.


    - James personal shortcoming is not just parsimony but penuriousness.

    - By parsimony, I mean that he is not only extremely unwilling to spend the Company's money but he is twice as stingy with his personal funds.

    10pts please!

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    The principle of Parsimony supports my contention that it is not Plausible to gain economic Parity with competitors if we use our resources for non-productive expenditures.

    People who believe in Parsimony of effort will support this Plausible strategy that includes the use of three words in one sentence, although that may ruin the Parity of responses by only using 2 sentences instead of six.

    There you go, two sentances for each. (grin)

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    What has been, what is, and what will be has all been done in past ages. We are on a rock that is next to a star. This is what we do to pass the time and by the grace of God or the gods this play we live will not end. Come on Srsly, reach into that thesaurus and find the words. You could have said, "I felt his arm of germ and egg, and it made my soul cry out for more!" To be fair though, "grace" has 5 letters. I should have used "good will," but oh well I tried.

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