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How do you get Invisalign braces?

I'd especially appreciate answers from anyone working in dental field. What does the orthodontist do to the patient wanting invisalign braces? How long does it take to get them or to get fit? And do they hurt? I'm scared, thanks!


I just want them on my upper row of teeth, the bottom is fine. I never had any braces in my life but now in my 20s for some weird reason my top row has shifted and gotten a bit of space and little overbite.

Update 2:

My teeth aren't really crooked, it's just in the top row and one side and the front ones that have a bit of an overbite and tiny space.

Update 3:

My teeth aren't really crooked, it's just in the top row and one side and the front ones that have a bit of an overbite and tiny space.

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    There are a limited amount of things that the invisalign braces can fix. I work in dental billing, and one of my coworkers said that the orthodontist took pictures of her teeth and has a program to show how the changes would happen with the weekly (or biweekly) braces. The pain level she has is a slight headache the first day of the new set. I do not know how long it takes to get the fit right but an educated guess is after taking a mold of the teeth +/- 2 weeks for the lab to do its part.

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    Where To Get Invisalign

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    The first thing you have to do is look for a dental office that offers Invisalign, not all of them do this treatment. Have a consultation with the dentist, he will let you know how long the treatment is for and what the next step is. Invisalign does not hurt it is the procedure to straighten your teeth with aligners(retainer type-clear material) and it takes several months to maybe yrs. It depends on how crooked your teeth maybe. They will send your study models and receive the results by e-mail, then will show you how your teeth will be moving and changing during the months you wear the aligners. it is a very good procedure as opposed to regular braces. The results a very good. Go consult with a dentist.

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  • Well, Orthodontics is perfect, for 2 reasons i believe in having a better appearance and yet in better occlusion of teeth (Occlusion is the closure of teeth over each other). Dental procedures are usually easy, with no pain or little pain, but yet their results are just perfect, for you're (Appearance) and for your teeth health. If you are afraid that wires looks bad, then modern techniques are used either to make wires from inside or transparent wires for better look. Believe me go to your dentist and don't be afraid,every thing will be ok with completely no pain at all..... :-)

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    Don't go to a dentist - go to an orthodontist. Some dentists will offer braces or invisalign, but an orthodontist has spent years of extra school so he can make your smile straighter. And he shouldn't cost that much more. A consultation is always free, find out what they offer, what services they provide and what they would recommend for you. You might only want your top teeth done and that might work. But a lot of the time that isn't the best option. Sometimes, say if your midline is of, they have to move both you upper and lower teeth. Invisalign is a great option for patients who only need teeth rotated but if you have significant gaps that need to be closed of teeth that need to be moved up or down they don't work well for that. If you find an orthodontist that you like in your area you can discuss your options and find something that works for you. Invisilign is an awesome option if it works for you! It's a clear tray that is hard to detect on someone. It is slightly painful because it is moving teeth - but nowhere near as painful as standard braces, it can't move teeth as much as they can in one shot. They take impressions and you just continue to go in for fittings and to have your teeth shaved and your clear retainer trays adjusted. Good luck on your beautiful smile! Don't be scared.

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