How do I find pictures of Liechtenstein?

My daughter is doing a project on Liechtenstein. I have been trying to find traditional costume pictures and pictures of important places of Liechtenstein. I have come up info on the web but no pictures. Help!

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  • undir
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    1 decade ago
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    Check out this link, you'll see plenty of photos from Liechtenstein here:

    Tip: When you are specifically searching for photos of something it is good to go to, type in a search word and choose "images" as a search category (it's above the search box). Then you don't have to go to a billion websites and search for photos on them but can instead just flip through a photo index on yahoo with photos related to the subject you searched for.

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    A bit of a narrow subject IMHO, it is so small. This should really be in the Switzerland section as for all intent and purposes that is all Liechtenstein is.

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    add .gov to it

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