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how do youmake it look like your hugging a celeb on adobe photo shop?

I need to know so i can tell my friends

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    1. Take a picture of yourself hugging an imaginary person, or whatever pose you want. (image 1)

    2. Find picture of person you would like to be hugging. (image 2)

    3. Use the masking tool to crop yourself or pieces of self out of image 1.

    4. Paste yourself into image 2 as a seperate object. Additionally you may mask off the person in image 2 and make a secondary object which will be easier to adjust the 2 objects.

    5. You may need to resize yourself and rotate to the proper position.

    6. Using the smudge, blur, masking, and copy tool to fix any outline oddities on the pasted object.

    7. You are now done. Make the masking tool your friend.

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