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can my teacher show my paper without consent?

my teacher wqas grading my work and she started insulating me and then students came up to see the paper and they looked at it and saw my name. can other students see my paper without my teachers consent. but i was not there


but i wasnt there at the time. and my friend told me about it and they all insulated me and said i didnt know how to speak english or german but i did mess it up but he saw the paper and she didnt hide it or say go away

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    This really depends on the circumstances, but let me tell you upfront that although you may have a grievance don't waste your time with any legal action.

    Allow me to explain. As a teacher, the moment you submit an assignment to me, I have the right to use it in my classroom in what ever manner I wish (keep in mind I said "in the class". I could not use a poem you turn in as an assignment as my own to be published). The fact that your teacher criticized you in class and others saw your paper may have been poor judgement on the teacher's part, but the worst that will happen is that they are given a verbal warning by an administrator. I use student work as a resource in my class all the time. I do, however, "white-out" the name before using it (usualy to allow other students practice in editing and re-writing assignments). My advice to you is to first set up a meeting with the teacher and explain to her that you this bothers you. You may recieve a very sincere apology.

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    I’m sorry you were insulated - but you really cant say people are insulting you unless they say untrue things and mean to hurt your feelings. What they said was obviously true, and not meant to hurt you since you weren’t there. Forget it and study instead, and then you wont feel bad because you’ll have good papers.

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    Nope sue her!

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    the teacher can do what she wants.

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