if i get $1,300.00 a month, for the rest of my life....?

im messing up in school and its my senior year in high school, i been taking it easy since finding out this information (i cant say how im getting the cash, just trust me). so i was thinking, do i even need to work so hard? isnt my life kinda secure already? i can literaly do nothing for a month and go 2 tha bank and have $1,300 waiting for me, with out doing a thing =)

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    Yeah, what they said.

    Do you know how much diapers are? Formula? Oklahoma City is one of the cheapest places on the face of the earth to live, and it still costs us about 1500 per month to make bills - not including car payments.

    Does the 1300 ever go up? So, in 20 years you will still be getting 1300 per month. What if you have kids. Have you taken inflation in to consideration. Rent right now may be 500 per month where you live, but in 20 years it will be 1500 per month. WIll you own a car? What about gas to get around?

    rent: 500

    car pmt: 350

    insurance: 100

    Electric/gas: 50

    Food: 200

    Clothing 100

    phone: 40

    Car gas 50

    cable TV 50

    Furniture 100

    credit cards 50

    Total: 1590 MINIMUM!!!!!!!!!!

    Finally, what the hell would you do if you did not work. Party? Smoke pot? What would you do? What is your adversion to working hard?

    Lets just say this. If you find a way to live on 1300 per month, for the rest of your life, write a book. You would be VERY rich for doing that!

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    Sound like SSI payments for a mental disability or SSDI for a physical disability. There is never a guarantee that this is for the rest of your life, because what if the check stops? You need to at least save up 3 to six months in case something happens & the money stops. Checks get lost & people can steal your identity & have the check re-routed into their bank account or mailed to their address. It happens. So, don't act like this is a sure thing until you have a few months of savings & security under your belt. You are too young to think that this is easy street. You need to do something with your life, even if it is volunteering. Watching TV will get old & when people find out that you have this money coming to you, they will want to be your "friend" & you'll be surrounded by human leeches who will use you & suck you dry of every penney you are getting. They will gladly buy you alcohol or drugs or even a soda & then that soda will have meds in it & you'll find yourself passed out & robbed some day. You need street smarts before you end up a victim. Stay in school & at least get your diploma. After that, you can explore life & learn how to handle your money in a way that will benefit you by having trustworthy people in your life, rather than people who will only cause you pain & headaches. Yes, $1300 can get you through a month, but once it's gone, it's gone & you might need a way to learn how to budget your income. You still must pay taxes on that money.

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    I agree with the rest 1,300 a month will not provide a very comfortable life, at least not in most countries. It would be possible to live reasonable well in a few foreign countries Mexico and the Philippines come to mind however, I don't think this would provide a very rewarding life. Most people find that they need to have or at least feel they have some purpose in life The money will make a nice supplement to any other income. My advice is to find something you love even if it does not pay much this would allow you to work in a field that you enjoy and still afford a comfortable living

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    I can tell you are messing up in school because a senior in HS should know that $1300 a month (that's $15,600 a year) isn't enough to live on. If you would study and get a diploma, then get a reasonably decent job, the $1300 a month could pay your rent and your car payment while your paycheck could feed you and buy some clothes and a tv and ...and....that's about all. Not enough for most people I know.

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    $1,300 is nothing... That barely covers rent in a decent size city like New York, LA, Chicago, or SF. I make $3,800 a month and spend $1,200 on rent, $500 on gas, $500-$1000 on food (including eating out), plus utilities and other expenses and I am broke.

    Do you also know that $1,300 a month puts you below the poverty line in the united states? Get some inititive and go to college... If you dont you will regret it later on in life...

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    1 decade ago

    baby, 1300 dollars is nothing. I make twice that much money and consider myself poor.

    trust me 1300 dollars will not o very far.

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