If you have a light skin tone, what color makeup would go well with it?

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    well for a light skin tone i would suggest not dark colors but maybe a light blue, green, silver, or maybe even a light pink eye shadow wud look geat also if u like to wear eye liner u shud get a blue brown or maybe black one..and i would say to not use too much blush cuz then it shows up very easily but i hope i helped =] byee

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    I have very light skin -- I mean white, and I have played with a lot of colors for my skin.

    Makeup doesn't always depend on your skin tone alone -- you should take into account your hair color, and lucky enough for you, I've had my hair red - brown - and blonde. So I'll give you my input for each with a light skin tone.

    When I had Brown hair I used pinks more. A light beige base on your lids and then sweep a very light pink along the brow bone and outer corner, and apply a matte blush in a rose tone to the apples of your cheeks, for your lips sticking to a neutral or nude tone is good or just good ole' chapstick.

    With Red hair, I found peach and bronze to be a good color. Used very lightly it gives you a lovely glow, and the golden tones in red hair accentuates that and will brighten up your whole face. A light peach shadow, and bronzer across your cheeks and some on your forehead but not a lot.

    If you have blonde hair, you can actually use more golds and browns. Sweep your lid with a shimmery gold and in the corner and lower lid a light brown. For your cheeks I would just dust on a light coral pink blush.

    For all its probably best to keep your lips natural, unless you are going out for the night.

    You have to play around with makeup to see what combination works best for you though. Each face - skin tone - and hair color, obviously, varies from person to person, and so will the application of makeup and the way it makes someone look.

    Remember don't try to cover your fair complexion embrace it, and enhance your natural features always. You'll look gorgeous if you stick to enhancing your creator given looks.

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    ok when u have light skin makeup any color can matches with ur skin expent when u put blush it as 2 b acolro thats for light skin people u can get a brown color but try 2 apply it as light as u can or else its gona look like if there is somehting wrong with ur skin u can get browm colors for blush but best 2 b light brown colors

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    Check out this website (http://www.beautytipsonline.com/best_makeup.htm). It tells you what the best makeup is for your skin tone. For yours, this is what it says.

    Make-up for Fair Skin

    If you're fair-skinned, sheer colors look best on you. Apply light earth tones and soft pastels, such as blue and lavender to accent your eyes.

    Various shades of pink will look good on your eyes, cheeks and lips. Keep your mascara to brown or brown/black. Light, sheer lipstick adds a finishing touch. Peach is always a good choice for our fair-skinned friends, it looks natural and compliments blonde hair.

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    i have a the lightest skin tone that most makeups come in and green eyes, so neutral colors like brown and green and gold go really well. but i really like to use maroon colored eye shadow b/c it really brings out the green eyes. gold would bring out brown eyes also.

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    *well i have light skin but i use foundation with a somewhat dark blush to make it look better. i really depends on what your wearing that day, see i wear the color of eyeshadow with what i'm wearing that day so if that helps there you go.*

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    you could do bronze or golds on the eyes a clear lip and a tan blush but not a lot of blush

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    a light pink

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