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Best Friend Away At College Partying to Hard..?

my best friend is starting to have a big drug problem..a day doesn't go by she doesn't use something.. like i understand toking up a little bit and drinking but she's done pretty much everything besides meth....she is so ignorant and i don't want to be the person to say you're an idiot! I worry so much about her and i've started to have dreams of her death..what can i do to let her know she has a problem..but not sound like a counselor!

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    If you are really worried about your friend's well-being, then tell her. Who cares if she thinks you sound like a counselor, her life is at stake.

    The truth is, if she is in as deep as you say, she's going to go on the defensive, period. She's probably in deep denial about her drug and alcohol abuse, and it's going to take a serious wake-up call to get her to snap out of it. In my day, I really didn't like to be told that I was killing myself, but I was, and now that I'm clean and sober I'm grateful to those who had the moral fortitude to tell me I was off my rocker.

    You might start by telling your friend that you've noticed her behavior getting more and more self-destructive and your worried that she's going to go to sleep one night and not wake up, or get raped, or end up in jail. The possible consequences are endless.

    It's not going to be easy, but I think you know it's the right thing to do if you really care about this person. I wish you the best of luck.

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    Talk to her and tell her that you love her and wish she would tone it down a bit. When I was useing and partying whatever people said to me I didnt care cause it was all about me. Sometimes it takes something bad to happen to really hit you and for you to make a change. Some people lose everything before they realize they need help. Sometimes there lives but hopefully it doesnt come down to that. Maybe you can plan a trip with the 2 of you away from the college party scene and let her see how beautiful life is without drugs. But make sure she doesnt bring any with you guys because she will try to get you to do it too. People that do drugs like to find people to corrupt and bring into there new circle. (this is from my experience I dont speak for everyone) Good luck

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    Don't be afraid just tell her that she has a problem, if it does not work, tell her she has to stop doing drug.

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