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There is an additional SS# on my credit report under personal info... "Social Security # Variations".....

the other # is off by one digit from my number. What does this mean? Do they think I have 2 SS#'s? I don't know if it could be a typo or another persons # on my report. Why would it be there? Do I just write a letter of dispute for that or should I make sure nothing on my report is from that "persons" # first?

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    Sometime in the past someone has reported a credit on your named account with a typo on the SS#. You should find out which agency it came from and make sure they correct it or you may have problems in the future if you deal with that lender again. If they can't match your SS# with the one they show in their files, they can and will deny you credit. And that can haunt you for a long time.

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    Someone else will get your retirement if you don't get it straightened with the Soc. Sec. Dept. and you might have a lot of IRS troubles too. It is worth the time to go in person to the nearest Soc. Sec. Office, take several ID proofs (mailing address, bills, you SS card, insurance cards, drivers license, etc.

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    The first answer is probably correct. If it makes you feel better, you could check with Social Security to find out if the incorrect no. was ever given out. If it was, they won't tell you whose it is, but if you explain why you are asking, they might tell you if it was ever issued.

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