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How does your mouth feel when they put braces on your teeth?

What is the name off this thing that they put that connect to your top teeth to the bottom and what does it do?

What are the steps to putting braces on your teeth?

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    Your mouth will not hurt when you get them on, but after a few hours it starts to hurt a lot. It mainly feels sore, but some teeth really hurt.

    I don't really know if you are talking about a wire or a rubberband. A wire is what connects each bracket to the bracket next to it. A rubberband hooks on to one bracket on yuor upper teeth and one on your lower teeth. When you open your mouth the rubberband stretch.

    The steps to putting braces on your teeth are:

    1. The orthodontist cleans your teeth the same way the dentist does.

    2. He paints on this stuff over your teeth that tastes really bad.

    3. Rinse

    4. Paints something else without a taste over your top teeth.

    5. Rinse

    6. Paints another thing over your bottom teeth that doesnt have a taste

    7. Rinse

    8. The assistant starts mixing a cement type thing.

    9. The orthodontist dips the back of the bracket in the cement

    10. Sticks the brackets onto your teeth.

    11. Wait five minutes for the brackets to dry.

    12. Assistant wires the brackets

    13. Pick a color

    14. Assistant puts the colors into the brackets

    15. You have braces!

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    When you first get braces, it feels like you have sharp metal stuff on your teeth and your lips and cheeks are sore. After a while they feel normal. I don't know about the thing that connects the top and bottom teeth or what it does. The steps to putting braces on are getting x-rays, etc. so the Orthodontist can determine what to put on your teeth and where. If you don't need any teeth removed, you then get "spacers" between your back teeth which make room for the metal bands that go on those teeth. This feels like you have something stuck in between your teeth and is annoying, but you have them in there for 2 weeks, until you get the braces on. I can't remember the details of getting the braces put on, but it takes a little while.

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    When you first get your braces on you will be soar for a while, probably a week or so. Hard to chew and eat things that are hard. Not too bad tho, it will pass, then everytime you go in for tightening you will be soar for a day or two. Just think of how your teeth will look after it's all done though... Beauty is pain :)

    You may be talking about a herbpst allpiance, this is to allign your top teeth with the bottom. More or less to pull your bottome jaw forward. It is kind of a pain in the rump but also has wonderful results. Better than the other way around....Head Gear... :)

    The steps are....

    1) go in for impressions

    2) go in for placement of brackets

    3) every month you get tightened

    4) after you estimated treatment time is done you get retainers.

    5) depending on your orthodontist, you may wear them for a couple of years.

    Source(s): dental assistant and just got my braces off.....:)
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    getting the braces put on isnt really that bad.. its afterwards that hurt.. i remember my mouth was really sore that night and for a couple days.. but dont worry it gets better and you forget you have them.. it does tkae some getting used to tho.. im not sure what its called when they connect the top and bottom teeth bc i never had it.. i did have rubberbands that connected from top to bottom and i thin kthat was for my bite?.. idk tho.. good luck if your getting your braces.. its really not that bad!

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    I'm getting braces tomorrow morning at 11, so I'll be able to tell you after that. You'll have to extend the time to except answers to your questions and I will let you know how it went tomorrow. I am very nervous!

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    it doesnt hurt

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