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How many of you use the RSS feature and how does it help/benefit you?

I'm thinking about trying it out, but I'm still confused about how it works.

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    I use RSS all the time. The reason is it allows me to follow many web sites without having to visit them. Instead of navigating to each one to see if new content is available, I subscribe to their web feed.

    The web feeds are then pulled in using a feed reader, like Google Reader. The feed reader acts like an email application except if gets web feeds instead of email.

    These web feeds contain the content from each site. The feed might have just article summaries or the full story. It depends on the publisher. If a story appeals to me, I can click the headline and go back to the original web site.

    The two links below may help. The first is a demo showing how to add a feed if you use My Yahoo!. A lot of sites have subscribe buttons for My Yahoo! The second link is a general RSS help page.

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    Set yourself up a page on My Yahoo and choose some news categories to put on it. Those articles actually come from RSS feeds.

    That's an easy way to get started with using RSS. See the Wiki link for more info.

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    basically you tell your RSS reader to update its news by checking the file located at the rss address everytime you log on to your reader. It then puts these headlines in a big list and gives them to you. You can access an RSS url like any other url but you will probably have a hard time understanding it unless you are familiar with XML.

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