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im looking for a longer voice recorder?

i have the stock voice recorder on my computer and it only runs for 60 sec im looking for one that runs alot longer for at least 4 min thanks for any help

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    Increasing The Maximum Recording Time

    Sound Recorder included with Windows 95 and Windows 98 has a default maximum time of 60 seconds of continuous recording. If you stop recording at any point before reaching the 60 second limit, you can then continue recording and have another 60 seconds of continuous time before Sound Recorder automatically stops. You can repeat this start-stop routine indefinitely if you need to record a long passage as one file.

    Here's an alternate method to increase the maximum recording time in Sound Recorder:

    1 - Make sure your microphone is muted so it will not pick up sound.

    2 - Click Record, and then let Sound Recorder run for 60 seconds (recording silence).

    3 - After Sound Recorder stops recording, click Save As on the File menu, and name the file Blank.wav.

    4 - To increase the maximum recording time in Sound Recorder, click Insert File on the Edit menu, and then insert the Blank.wav file that you saved in step 3. When you do this, the maximum recording time is increased by 60 seconds. You can repeat this step once for each additional minute of recording time that you want to add. For example, for a 5-minute recording time, insert the Blank.wav file five times.

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