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Why does barbie have to be so skinny?!?!?! please i want real answers!!1?

Me and my friends are doing this project about barbie and was wondering whay is so so skinny

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    Because Ruth Handler copied her from the German doll Lilli who was a novelty doll marketed to adult men. Lilli was based on a character in a comic strip in the Bild newspaper and was a prostitute so she was supposed to be sexy. In the late 1950s, as it is today sexy = skinny

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    the same reasons that models are too skinny and celebrities are too skinny...society is creating a monster of eating disorder problems...its very sad...they said that if barbie was a real person that she would be too thin to have a menstral cycle, among other things that would be wrong...

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    So that it can create an unrealistic standard of beauty for girls. Surprisingly, my fiancee said they actually used to be skinnier untill just a few years ago. Plus they're doing the same thing with Bratz dolls now but even more so.

    My recomendation? Give little girls Lego instead. All kids love Lego.

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    well a mom started making barbie dolls after her daughter and i think her daughter thought that she was fat or something so she made them skinny to make her fell better.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i think it is because they know that obese barbies won't sell.

    they are so skinny because of the growing fad among celebrities of being too skinny

  • Durr
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    Tell me do you want a doll thats as fat as the universe or as skinny as a piece of paper? Think about the children, what they want to see gosh...

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    cause she is an anerexic retard plastic dumm ***!!


    why would you do it on barbie?

    and you actually think ppl are ganna no why she is so skinny?


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    it is a society thing. they need to make fat ones, short ones too

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    1 decade ago

    wtf? what school do you go too??? :\

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