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I have a 103.9 fever, i took medicine, but how else can i lower it?

I'm not sure what i have...I have a terrible headache, which is making me nauseous and dizzy. I feel horrible...

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    Cold baths

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    You must be miserable. Fever is a symptom,not a disease.You treat a fever with Tylenol or Ibuprofen, as directed on the bottle. Usually 2 tablets every 4-6 hours until your temp returns to normal. Drink lots of fluids,water & fruit juice etc.Keep warm,but never overheat your body. " The feed the cold,starve a fever"saying is a myth,and a vey bad one. Head and body aches,tiredness,nausea,weakness could be a "flu" or a bad cold,time will tell. If you develope chest congestion with a cough and continue with a high fever,see the Doctor,may be something worse that will need antibiotics. Take care. SW RNP

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    Take a lukewarm bath with a couple of caps of rubbing alcohol in it. This will, or should break the fever. Follow up your bath with lotion, because the alcohol does tend to dry your skin. Also, you do not want to lower your temp all the way, because a low grade fever is your bodies way of fighting off your illness. If this does not break it or if it goes higher you need medical attention.

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    A luke warm bath would be better than a cold one to lower your temp, but a fever that high in an adult can be dangerous. Call you MD or go to the emergency room.

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    I sometimes wish my daughter did not like bandaids, since we go through a box a week. Every little boo boo, needs a bandaid, if not two. So sometimes she will have bandaids on both knees and at leat one finger...LOL As far as Tylenol, she could have a little piece of candy after she took it. So, that's always an idea. She will be 3, soon, and it's funny every time we watch a doctor show, she says, "mama Dr. give him Tylenol for his boo boo"

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    See your doctor. A high fever and a terrible headache can be signs of serious illness.

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    fevers can actually help u when ur sick

    cuz a fever raises ur body temp

    and makes ur body pump more white cells to lower the fever, the same cells ur body needs to fight off viruses

    u shouldnt just ignore all the symptoms tho

    u could try to sleep it off wit 2 blankets

    good luck


    Source(s): health magazine i read while waiting for doctor
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    Ice cold drinks w/o caffiene cause caffiene dehydrates you and it will just make it worse.

    Continue with your medication, but if it gets up to 104 go to the emergency room.

    Also it wouldn't hurt to eat foods that are cold.

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    Take a cool or cold bath.

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    Call 911

    If you're dizzy, you might not be able to do that if it gets worse...

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