Can anyone elaborate on Global Dimming?

The rate at which water evaporates is declining. This isn't because of Global Warming. What does this mean?


Sure! Now, almost anything we do to create energy causes (man made) particle pollution. Clouds are made of droplets of water. These only form when water vapor in the atmosphere starts to condense on the surface of naturally occurring airborn particles: pollen, seasalt, etc. They grow then fall as rain, naturally.

But polluted air contains far more particles than unpolluted air. Particles of ash, soot, sulfur dioxide, etc. This means that in the polluted air, billions of man made particles provide ten times as many sites around which water droplets can form. So polluted clouds contain many more water droplets, each one far smaller than it would be naturally. Many small droplets reflect more light than fewer big ones, and essentially act as a mirror, preventing the heat of the sun to get through. This is happening all over the world. Thus explaining the rate at which water evaporates has been declining over the last 30 years.

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    Since water is also a greenhouse gas it means that we will soon be entering a period of Global Cooling. Seriously, I've not heard of this. The air over the past few years has gotten cleaner, which would make the sky brighter and bluer (hey, there's a Yahoo question: "Wy is the ski blue?") thus leading to Global Brightening. Can you shed some light (pun intended) on the source of your question?


    Accepting that what you say is true then Global Dimming would counteract the CO2 buildup that is supposedly warming the planet. Dimming would do so for two reasons: First, water vapor is a greenhouse gas and, second, more clouds mean more light is reflected resulting in lower temperatures.

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