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Confused about depression?

I think I am depressed. Some days i am ok and other days like today i have pretty much slept the whole day and finally had to get up not b/c i wanted to..and i feel like crap. It doesn't make any sense. I don't feel like spending time with people like i used to and i feel sad a lot. But like i said not everyday is this bad, so what is it?

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    it is diffidently depression!but it always helps to research on it more so you can learn vividly about sounds to me like it may be severe!i know mental illness like the back of my hand.i have studyed it all my sound to me like you have a classic case of it.all the symptoms even! i have always love to help the mentally ill :)and don't let any one tell you that your "crazy" because your not! that word is so mean!i hate when people put cruel labels on the mentally ill.

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    January (end of) is the most depressing time of the year....lots of people get the blues. Could be seasonal. I used to get depressed in the winter months too. Now I live in sunny Florida and haven't had that problem.....get out, get some sunshine, call one of those friends you haven't spent time with in a while-you may not "feel" like it but once you do it I bet you'll feel much better. Stop dwelling on how sad you feel and distract yourself. Dwelling on negative things only makes it worse.

    Hope you feel better :)

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    Not only should you check into depression, but Season Affect Disorder (SAD). SAD has many of the same symptoms as depression and may explain why you have better days than others. If it is SAD, I would bet you feel better on the sunny days. If you always have a period of feeling this way in the winter season it would be worth looking into.

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    could be a chemical imbalance...which will cause depression. talk to a doctor, u might need medicine. take vitamins, get on a regular sleep schedule, exercise, all that happy horse crap that will make u feel good. keep yourself busy and keep ur mind busy.

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    Maybe you need to take a look at your diet and exercise. You probably eat a lot of sugar and processed foods.

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    Talk to your family Dr. if he/she thinks you suffer from depression that Dr. will should refer you to a Psychiatrist.

    After some blood tests of course.

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