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Qauil Help Plz :)?

ok, well i rbought mixed qauil eggs off ebay and know what all the qauils are except this one can someone tell me what he/she is ;)


btw i forgot to mention there another qauil like this but has white ontop and the other colour under neath not sure what he/she is either

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    Its the one with white on top is probably a cotton-top- (cause its got white on top) which is otherwise known as the scaled quail.

    how old is the one in the photo???? I'm guessing by feather patterns its harlequin quail- but the person who soled it could be wrong- the bird could also be a bobwhite.

    Because its to young i cannot fully identify it by its plumage, also the red glare isn't allowing me to see the true color of the plumage, also the bird is juvenile so feathers that help in identification are not there.

    but I'd say its a harlequin quail.

    Source(s): I'm an obsessed birder, what can i say?
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    This is probably what is commonly called a Tuxedo Coturnix Quail.

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