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How do I maximize my growth spurt with a broken wrist?

I am 14 and I have been waiting for my growth spurt for a long time. I am finally beginning to grow. Unfortunately I broke my wrist last week, so I am off sports for two months. Will this affect my growth spurt? Is there anything I can do to get maximum gain from my growth spurt? Such as take a multi-vitamin or drink more milk?

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    at that age, rest properly is important.....sleep early.....milk can help also, eat properly....exercise to make you healthy.....vitamins is not needed but its good to our health......where in fact I stand at 6'0'' at the age of 22

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    Just do what you can...the wrist should heal in a few weeks, but your growth spurt will last much longer than that. Eat properly, get your rest, milk is good and the vitamin can't hurt (just take 1/day...) And relax...we can't controll everything. You are who you are. Accept yourself and others will too!

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    mas leche!!!

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