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Why is my female AmStaff so big....not fat....she is 119 lbs of muscle. Also do other AmStaff's drool?

She grew very fast as a puppy, my vet had me stop puppy chow at 5 months because of her size. Is it possible to stop her from drooling?


she is 31/2 years old

She is registered and she has a perfect AmStaff conformation but King Sized

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    My AmStaff drools occasionally but usually it is when she is holding her rubber ball, anticipating me throwing said ball, waiting for a treat, or when overly excited (like when a guy tried to break into my house, not only did she scratch the front door real bad, she drooled all over the kitchen). Normally she wouldn't drool, its just when she gets excited she can't control it.

    As for stopping the drooling, I found this on a website for you to try:

    You can wipe his mouth periodically. Chew toys may also encourage your dog to work his mouth and swallow more, or they can at least concentrate the drool on a couple of objects instead of allowing it to spread. If you're worried that your dog's salivation is excessive, you can take him to your veterinarian for an examination. Some health problems can cause drooling, including nausea, anxiety, and painful teeth; your veterinarian can rule these out.

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    Are you 100% sure she is a Am Staff? They are usually short and squatie. If she is taller like a boxer she is probably not a AM STAFF, she is more likely a American Pit Bull Terrier, which is still lumped into the stereo type of "PIT". I have a American Pit bull Terrier and she is almost 90 pounds and all muscle and pure love. Hoe old maybe the drooling is teething, my APBT drooled only when cutting teeth. Hope this helps !!

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