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Making a Catalog ..Help?

Ive designed a catalog but the dimensions are about 8.5"x22" (two letter sized pages put together) but what I am looking to do is get it printed at their current dimensions and not get it coil binded, comb binded, or tape. I saw one that was just like the one i designed and all the sheets were attached by staples in the middle of the catalog. If you know who can do this (kinkos and office depot cant do it) let me know. Thanks!

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    If you're trying to print in those dimensions, you'll need to print it large format, and it'll cost you...

    Kinkos non-large format prints can have a spread up to 18 inches (12by18 paper, also know as "tabloid extra"). This is the largest size that can go through most laser or inkjet printers. the binding shouldn't be an issue.

    If you have access to an inkjet printer that can print on roll paper, you may consider that, but then you may have the issue of only being able to print one side.

    Heres a tip for the future: think about how to output it first, before you choose a size. I've made the same mistake before, and it cost a lot of time and effort.

    The catalogue you saw was probably a professional job (probably thousands of dollars), where custom sized paper is not an issue. So unless you're paying for a custom-cut size of paper, you probably need to max out at 18 inches (and no bleed at that)

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    Who's printing the monster?

    Look up an actual PRINTER in your area.

    Someone with printing presses not copy machines.

    If they don't do staple jobs they can give you references to the people that can.


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    i agree with siriridude...DO NOT GOT KINKOS OR OFFICE MAX. you'll be unhappy

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