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What is your favorite board game, why?

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    Quelf and Would you rather, They are both fun. Quelf makes you do, say, sing, and perform crazy things. 6-8 people really make it interesting. And as for Would you rather! Really makes you think.

    Scrabble and Monopoly are classics.

  • Chess is without a doubt the King of all board games. The game often reflects life. It is comprised of 100% skill. The player controls their own destiny. There is no need to argue this point any further. Nothing beats the satisfaction of outplaying your opponent both mentally and emotionally. Nothing. It is a win for the ego and for the brain.


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    One of my favorites is Connect Four, although it's not really on a board it still counts. There isn't alot of strategy like in chess, but you still have to think about what you're doing.

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    Without a doubt, Stratego!

    I looked all over the place to find it (I don't think they make it anymore), so I appreciate it even more.

    The whole "unknown" element and then having to remember a ton of positions and strengths is great fun!

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    Risk - not only is it luck with your dice rolls but you also have to think, and plan to win

    Then it would be Monopoly and Clue, they are just classics

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    Caylus although I have many, this one stands out because the luck factor is very low.

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    I like almost any games ! I don't really care what games i play because when me and my sister play,we have fun. As long as me and my sister have fun, it doesn't matter what game!!!

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    Tough one! I'd have to say it is a tie between Risk and Settler of Catan.

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    Just a good strategy game

  • Eric C
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    I'm currently hooked on Heroscape. Carcassonne is great, too.

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