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HORRIBLE CRAMPS!!! i cant take them anymore~?

I have these really bad cramps and i dont know what do about them! I am only 15 and i already am thinking about just getting a histredtiam!! I cant take them anymore, it even hurts after my period! and before and during! I WANT TO DIE!!! plz help!


i already went to the doctor and he is just giving me medicine that makes them worst!

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    Contrary to popular belief menstrual cramps are not a necessary part of being a woman, although more common in teens, excluding health problems such as endometriosis most women can prevent period pains all together, or at the very least cure the pain.

    Periods are only as good or bad as YOU make them!

    If you have a good attitude towards your period this does effect your periods including making period pains less painful. With a positive attitude about your body it means you're more likely to research and learn about it, so making things easier.

    Here are some ideas both to prevent and ease menstrual cramps;

    • Do not use painkillers, these actually increase period pain over time as your body build immunity and gets used to the painkillers being within your system, not only that but they simply numb the pain they do not actually do anything about the cause of the pain – pain is your bodies way of telling you that something is wrong, don't ignore it. Coming off painkillers if this is what you normally use can be hard because the next few periods after stopping using painkillers can seem more painful, but if you use other methods to prevent or cure menstrual cramps it does get better.

    • Take herbal teas, many herbal teas are ideal for menstrual pains as well as other menstrual or cycle related problems including curing PMS, reducing flow, inducing your periods and regulating your menstrual cycle. Herbs to try are as follows; Lemon balm, Black Haw, Blessed thistle, Camomile, Wild marjoram, Red raspberry, Wild strawberry, Valerian, Yarrow, Raspberry leaf, Blue cohosh, Dong quai – Check with a health store to make sure they are right for you, some stores will also sell women's blends that would help as well.

    • Don't use tampons! As well as being very bad for vaginal health many tampons are also made in such a way that they expand lengthways meaning that they can expand straight into your cervix, which is already delicate due to menstruation, and increase cramping. Commercial pads are also best avoided because as well as also being bad for vaginal health they are generally uncomfortable so hardly help with menstrual cramps. If you use these options consider other options, I highly advise if you use tampons to switch to a menstrual cup such as a Divacup.

    • Avoid salty foods and alcohol, these can increase bloating by retaining water, and so make you feel generally sluggish as well as making cramping worse.

    • Drink lots of water, this can aid in avoiding bloating. This will also help with headaches or migraines brought on by menstruation. Also adding lemon juice, a natural diuretic can decrease bloating.

    • Eat your greens, and a healthy diet can make you feel a lot better at the best of times, but during menstruation it can be a good pick up and help avoid that sluggish feeling.

    • Avoid foods like dairy and caffeine, generally these can cause problems for people, during menstruation this can be particularly true, many find these increase period pains. Also avoid soy products; these are notorious for causing menstrual cramps.

    • Take up yoga, this is a very good exercise tip because as well as being gentle exercise it also has stretching that can help even further and breathing exercises that can help relax you and so further aid in relieving menstrual cramps.

    • Take a bath, a nice warm bath can help relax you and the heat can ease period pains as well, avoid things that can harm your vagina like bubble bath, however some nice natural salts or essential oils can make a nice relaxing bath.

    • Breathing exercises, some people find this a little strange, that breathing is something we do naturally anyway, however we often get out of practice and taking the time to understand how your body moves as you breath and mental exercise can help calm you down.

    • Essential oils can work wonders; a little lavender oil in a burner can make a lot of difference to your mental state and calm you down. If not lavender oil then there are many other oils that can be used, a lot of stores also carry relaxation blends. Better still small pots of oil and flower blends, which can be applied to your temples, can provide a discrete but effective means of relaxation.

    • Clary Sage is actually fantastic to massage into your stomach to relieve menstrual cramps.

    • Regular cycles, although in your teens this is not going to be easy for you as your body is still maturing sexually and physically your cycles are unlikely to be very regular – however there are things you can do to help, some of the above mentioned herbs can help, but you might also want to try taking Evening Primrose Oil that will help regulate your cycles and so help with menstrual problems.

    • Sex, or in your case masturbation given as you are underage, during orgasm it is believed that a hormone which causes uterine contractions is released calls Oxytocin, which can help to push out menstrual material. The relaxation and improved circulation to the pelvic area after sex can also ease period pain. Although masturbation during menstruation can be messy there is no reason to avoid it, using a towel over your bed, having sex in the shower, or using softcups or soft tampons are all options for mess free during your period.

    • Heat or cold – most people say heat packs are good, you can get all sorts of really good reusable heat pads with lavender in that help a lot, but for some people cold packs work a whole lot better when applied to their stomach, so try them both and see which one helps you best.

    • Acupressure/acupuncture can help a lot, although it might be too expensive for you to go to a therapist for this you may want to get yourself a basic book on acupressure/acupuncture to teach yourself some basics to help with your cramps.

    • Cell-salts, these are a natural-mineral your body needs, so if you are lacking this can affect all sorts of things in your body, you can take these daily to help prevent cramps or take them when you get cramps upping the dose every 5-10 minutes until the pain goes away.

    • Up your intake of magnesium, calcium, and potassium, also couple with zinc to help your body absorb these easier. These are all things needed by your body to help the uterus lining shed.

    • Get regular check-ups, a healthy uterus means an easier period, if you are in good health menstrual cramps will not be as common a problem for you, it may be because you are young and cycles irregular that this is causing more of a problem for you.

    • Supplements, not just the ones mentioned above (magnesium, calcium, and potassium) but also Omega 3 & 6, Multi B with high B6 and B13, vitamin E is also a good anti-inflammatory.

    • Good attitude, more from the first comments, but also bare in mind menstruation is not just about your body getting rid of waste uterus lining but also everything else from the month that it does not need - this includes bad emotions - it sounds hippy-like but it is true, the more stressed you have been during your cycle the more problematic your period will be.

    I highly recommend you look around online for more information as well as visit your local library for books on how to prevent cramps, try a few different things until you find something that works well for you.

    If you are still experiencing problems in terms of extreme pain during your period then go back to your doctor or go to another doctor, just passing you off.

    Whatever you do don't let your doctor put you on hormonal birth control like the pill, that is a very lazy and ignorant way doctors use to deal with the problem, in fact it only suppresses your menstrual cycles, and this is a time when it is important for you to learn about your normal cycles.

    Go back to your doctor and insist they test and treat you if the problem continues, but you have to be aware that doctors normally have very limited knoweldge and so it is your responsibility to take care of your own health, doctors are simply there to help you do that.

    Source(s): Menstrual activist, gynaecology study, personal experience.
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    Try taking some medication like advil or midol. Midol usually helps with bloating and pain. Also avoid caffine, it makes cramps way worse. Ive heard that eating lots of carbs right before and during your period can also help kill the cramps. If none of this works, many women start birth control. Some forms of birth control are designed to manage your period so you dont have to experience this each month.

    I noticed someone recommended paracetamol. Its just a fancy word for tylenol that is used in england. It is the same thing as acetominophen (the fancy US word for tylenol) Tylenol is a great suggestion as well

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    No woman should have to suffer from cramps ever. Talk to that doctor and tell him or her it is not working. I suffered terrible cramps too, to the point I could not even drive myself home, I remember this horrible incident where I felt soooo bad all I could do was stay wrapped in a fetal position in my office until the cleaning lady found me, shivering with pain and cold sweats, doubled over in agony and she was kind enough to call home so they could pick me up. I remember going to a doctor and finding out I had endometriosis, when the inner lining of the uterus starts growing outside the uterus and it is cause for horrible pains. Some doctors put you on the pill for a couple of months to avoid ovulating. That helped some and it is not an excuse to to having unprotected irresponsible sex (some guys will tell you having sex will get rid of them, that is not true)

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    There is a stretch you can do that my chiropractor showed me. It stretches out the muscles that might put pressure on the ovaries. It looks somewhat like a lunge. You stand with one leg far ahead of the other (Like taking a big step) And then make it go a little further and bend the leg that is ahead. Don't keep your back foot flat on the floor or anything, the only muscles that should be stretching are the ones around the hip of the leg that is back. Obviously do this for both sides. It causes almost instant relief for me. If you need to me to explain better let me know. Also a warm compress could help relive pain and also add elasticity to the muscles in the area.

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    When i was your age I had horrible cramps too. I would have to take pain pills to subside the pain. When i became a little older I started taking birth control pills. I felt this helped A LOT with my cramps. Maybe you should suggest that to your doctor. Good luck! I feel your pain.

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    I have extremely horrible cramps as well.

    Try taking medication before your period comes on, it helps to ease or eliminate the pain.

    Or go the the doctor. Sometimes a doctor will give you birth control and it will help with the period cramps.

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    Has your doctor checked you to make sure you do not have endometriosis? That can cause immensely painful periods. I had several friends diagnosed with it and they were on some pretty strong meds like vicodin to get through the pain, one of my friends pain went away after childbirth, not suggesting any of these methods to a girl of your age but definitely check with your dr. to see if it's endometriosis/

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    Yeah, insertion hurts like a *****. It's totally worth it. Take some acetaminophen--Tylenol--since it won't interact with ibuprofen. Stretch if you can, and get a hot water bottle or a heating pad and use that on your uterus. It gets better, promise!

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    I used to get TERRIBLE cramps too! About three years ago i went on birth control and it has worked wonders! Hope this helps!

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    You could have a cysts or something on your ovaries. Are you bleeding heavily? Get checked out by the gyno...the thermacare pads help ALOT and you can wear them all day. Ask the doc for some painkillers...:)

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    go take a warm bath and some medicine that makes u sleep. try not tightening ur stomach muscles when the cramps come.

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