Do you think euthanasia should be legal? why or why not?

please explain your answer.


yes human euthanasia

Update 2:

Pick yes or no and try to convince me that you're right

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    Only you can judge when life is too painful to continue (not talking about suicide while healthy) so why should a government decide for you. Why should we be forced to be kept on life-support just waiting to die a slow and painful death? We do it to our animals out of love so why can't we be able to do it to our family members out of love.

    Legalize euthanasia now!!!!!!!

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    I support euthanasia, but ONLY if done under very specific guidelines. Why? Because there is tremendous potential for abuse if not properly regulated. Abuse from family members who would like to speed the family member's death along so as to protect their inheritance from being eaten up by health care bills. Abuse from health care officials wanting to free up a bed occupied by someone without health care insurance. Then there is the potential for the patient to want to speed his/her death because of mental illness or lack of knowledge of their other health care options.

    I would support euthanasia if:

    1. The patient had a living will specifically defining how much...if saving interventions were acceptable.

    2. The patient had been evaluated (and treated if necessary) for depression or mental illness that may be affecting his/her decisions for euthanasia.

    3. The patient had been apprised of other health care options available to him, i.e., pain management, hospice care, etc.

    4. The patient is considered to be terminal based on the judgment of a team of physicians (not just one or two) who agree that the patient is facing a terminal status...say death is imminent within 6 months (although that is open for discussion).

    These criteria should largely make it possible to avoid any abuse of the euthanasia legislation.

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    I do not think it should be legal because where will it end. It reduces the sanctity of human life. When we take on that attitude it may lead to euthanizing the elderly, the mentally challenged, the paralized, or whoever we feel is not leading what we call a productive life.

    But I also feel that when a loved one relieves another loved one of endless pain and suffering and there is no cure, then the laws should show some mercy. That would be good.

  • 4 years ago

    Euthanasia isn't criminal interior the U. S.. don't comprehend roughly everywhere else. well being care expert assisted suicide is criminal below some circumstances in Oregon (possibly another state, yet memory no longer working and that i'm unlikely to look it up). well being care expert assisted suicide isn't euthanasia. that's for people. Euthanasia for our pets is criminal in all states. different worldwide places to boot. We deal without death pets with greater compassion than our death kinfolk.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I believe people who are competent to make such decisions and are suffering should be able to end their own lives. This is the purpose of the Oregon statute. Is self-determination not the more fundamental of ALL rights?

    I find choozlife's slipperly slope argument to be unpersuasive. I have heard it from so-called "pro-lifers" a number of times - a society that does not honor the "sanctity of life" is going to hell. Yeah, they cite the "sanctity of life" when it comes to unborn babies and dying/suffering individuals, but the vast majority of them do not support the "sanctity of life" when it becomes philosophically/politically hard to do so - e.g., opposing the death penalty.

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    I think it should be legal but it needs to be regulated. My mother suffered for a years with ovarian cancer and at the end I just wanted her suffering to end. The morphine they had her on was not helping the pain and she looked like an 80 year old woman (she was only 54)

    I love my mother with all my heart but the pain was unbearable...and heartbreaking to watch. I felt so helpless, I wanted her to be free of that awful pain even if I had to be the one to give her a lethal dose of whatever would have done it.

    I think if it's your time to go, and you're in pain and have no chance of a normal life it should be legal.

    (just my opinion due to my experience)

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    People should be in charge of their own lives, for one. If they are in a constant state of unrecoverable pain and misery, they shouldn't have to spend the next several years having no life because of their suffering. Also, if someone has no chance of recovery form a coma, what purpose is served by keeping them alive?

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    If you are talking about human euthansasia then NO. It is nothing short of murder, or assisted murder. That's why the put " the Suicide Doctor" Jack Kavorkian in prison. He assisted in several suicides or euthanasia what ever term you want to use.

    Check the website below.

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    It is in some cases. Remember the Terry Schivo case? I think that if a person leaves a living will saying he/she does not want to be kept alive by artificial means, it should be honored. If a person is in their right mind and does no longer wish to live with pain and suffering, they should be able to choose to be put to sleep.

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    Yes, but can only be done with person permission, or left written instructions that that is the way the want to go.

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