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How much does a decent sound system cost?

I want to buy a new sound system for my truck. I have a regular cab 03 dodge dakota sxt so I'm probably limited to what I can get? Not sure what I could get or if I could even get a subwoofer.

My old car was a 2006 Hyundai Tiburon GT (I wanted a dodge truck before I got it but newer ones were too much and the new models look weird, imo) and it had a 440 watt system (stock) that was alright. I'd like it a little louder than that.

My trucks audio sucks.

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    In general, spend $200 on a quality head unit from Pioneer or Alpine, and $200-300 on good speakers like Infinity kappas, Polk Audio dbs or Momos, and $200 on a good amp, again Pioneer or Alpine.

    Add in wiring costs and installation charges if you pay someone to do it and that's another $200 tops, so $800-900. If you add a sub, add $200-300 for a decent 8" or 10" you can fit behind the seat.

    You can add the HU and speakers first, then, when you get more money, add the amp and wiring, and then later a sub.

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    basically go searching for bargains. I unquestionably have a 1500 watt planer audio amp, 2 a thousand watt Alpine sort R subs, wiring, 2 memphis door audio device, 2 pioneer door audio device, and a effective Alpine head unit for a comprehensive of 210 money. Thats concerning the comparable as a clean unmarried Alpine subwoofer might fee. basically gotta be responsive to folk.

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    if u can get a sub go with a kicker.. im assuming u wont have much room so id go with a 10 in or 12 in kicker l7.. and alpine and kicker speakers are really makes really nice cd players.

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