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help i have cronic split ends?

i condition every day and deep condition once a week. i havent dryed my hair in months but nothing helps, my hair just keeps spliting. any new segestions?

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    what type of shampoo and conditioner are you useing? you NEED to use a high quality PROFESSIONAL line such as biolage, and TiGi, there are TONS out there!!!

    try to avoide the blow dryer, and any kind of irons.... if you need to use them, get a thermal protector.

    these thinks will help, and i reccomend getting your hair trimmed every 6 weeks, 12 if you are trying to grow it!

    Message me if u need more help!!

    Source(s): cosmetologist, beauty supply manager
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    In order to get rid of split ends you have to make sure you are trimming your hair once a month at least an inch each trim.

    Then you have to make sure you are not putting your hair in a ponytail wet or going to bed with it wet. AND do not go to bed with it up.

    Next even though you are not drying your hair make sure you use heat protection products when you curl it or flat iron it. That is very important.

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    The only thing for split ends is regular hair cuts.

    Rough styling, bad hairbrushes can contribute to split ends.

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