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So I met this guy a few weeks ago, the first night we hung out we had a blast and stuck together like glue the whole evening. He later invited me out the next week and we did it again. I emailed him the day after we hung out to thank him and suggest another date. We set a date for the next week, and he said he would call this week to see what i was up to. Now for the question. He said this on Sunday and it's Wednesday but I still haven't heard from him. Would it be too much if I just sent him another email saying hi? Or should I just tie my hands together and wait on him to contact me like he said he would? I don't want to scare him off! Help!


I should mention here that we DO have a solid date set up for next week, I'm just freaking out because he said he'd call. Why do guys do that???

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    Just send him an e-mail and ask a general question about the date. Like what should you wear or should you bring anything that sort of thing. Or you could just send an e-mail that says hello and your looking forward to the date that sort of thing. Or don't mention the date at all, and just say hey just seeing how your week was going hope its not to hectic, love to hear from you. Trust me he would love that your making a move to talk to him! Good luck and just do it!!

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    I'd wait. Make other plans for the weekend. I'd say you got a 50/50 chance he'll call before then. If he doesn't, use your judgment to decide whether to email him next week...something casual. After that, no matter what

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    Just wait a few more days and if nothing then do the email thing:)This way,you're not coming off to be clingy..just casual.

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    You certainly dont want to start playing date 'games' with him (who calls who and when). If you are really interested in him...ask him out again and this time with a certain date in mind (restaurant, bar, etc.). That way he can either say yes or no right then.

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    Email him and tell him you were having problems with your cell phone and/or you havnt been home for awhile.So you just wanted to check in and see if he had called. Write something like this: Hey, have you tried calling me? Gosh, I have been having some major problems with my phone and I wasnt sure if you had tried calling. But anyways,... let me know how your doing

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    I would email him once saying something like Hi and I hate that you couldn't keep the date but you are hoping he is ok. If he doesn't respond to that then I would say let it be.

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    Just wait. Guys are like that. No sense in looking obsessive and risking a potentially good thing.

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    I would send him another email just saying, hey.. Hows your week going?? then just be like Write back whenever you got the time or something liek that.. =]

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    That's a tough one. I would probably end upu messaging him just to casually check in if I were really wanting to. However, you will probably come off as less needy if you hold off and wait for him to contact you.

    Good luck!

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    Yes, send him an email to test the water. Go for it, mothing ventured nothing gained.

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