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valentines day?

okay i have a guy friend and don't know what to get him for valentines day it needs to be special hes in 8th grade and 14

were friends with bennifts but i wanna be more i think he does to but wont show it


first of all he knows i like him and want to date him and second im only 13 hes 14 so get it straight and what i wanna do or have done is none of your business got it

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    14 and Friends with benefits... you are kidding... right???

    get him a single red rose (it means love) and a card (inside the card tell him how you feel) if you are scared to do this then...

    give him the rose, then slip the card in to his locker...

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    Friends with benefits at 14?? Anyways since that wasn't the question I won't go there.

    I would get him a Box of chocolates with a card asking him to be your Valentine. Good Luck!

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    Ok not only am i going to give you ur answer but some advice.

    Frist give him some chocolate in a chocolate box and have a message in the buttom of the box saying " Will you be mine?" and put a small flower on top of the chocolate box and hold it with a ribbon.

    For the advice, you need to watch out and not have any more FWB will your older because you don't know how many other FWB those other boys might have. And its just wrong to have a FWB at 14.

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    You're 14! "Friends with Benefits" c'mon. You shouldn't be having "benefits".

    Just leave alone before you end up pregnant or with a STD.

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