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Dream meaning?

My best friend/person I'm "involved with" with told me she had a dream that we had a "beautiful" baby. Actually, in her dream, it ended up with a name that I liked a lot when she told me what it was in real life. Funny coincidence.

Anyways, we've had some problems because of a transition from a friendship to a dating relationship, and at times she's very scared of getting closely involved for fear of losing me as a lover AND friend since she usually gets involved in relationships without strong positive emotional attachments to those men. I found this dream quite interesting and I figured some details might give a better reference point.

What does everyone think it means?

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    To understand a dream, it’s helpful to keep in mind why and how we dream. When we sleep, the body and perception systems are shut down, but the brain remains active. The brain thinks about what has recently been most active during waking hours—experiences, thoughts and feelings accessed recently whether consciously or not. The brain is still active, so it works on this content, but not in a familiar, rational way. During sleep, this material is not related using input from the external real world, but rather by the brain connections already established in the cortex. So the story connectedness isn’t like everyday experience, but rather a strange, circuitous flow from one image to the next. So dreams aren’t magical messages to guide our life, but dream imagery is taken from everyday experiences, thoughts and feelings that matter most to us during our waking life. So it’s a mistake to apply standard symbol definitions, such as Freudian meanings. All you need to do is think about what kind of imagery it is and how it relates to your daily life.

    The significance of your friend's dream is that 1. she wants a baby and 2. she feels close enough to you that she could have the baby with you. She must have been thinking abut this alot recentlly, consciously or subconsciously, and the thoughts remained in her brain while sleeping.

    Source(s): 20 years studying the research of cognitive neuroscience and its application to learning and effective behavior.
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    The dream is a reflection of the new closeness that the two of you share. The name thing is just a coincidence. But the baby symbolizes the birth of your new intimate relationship. Good luck to both of you. It can be quite challenging moving from a platonic relationship to a romantic one.

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    she feels that the relationship is in it's infancy and to her it is going very well, although it is new and beautiful it needs to be nurtured like a living thing-like a baby. the name means that you both feel the same about the new relationship. the fact that you liked the name in the dream and in reality echo's that feeling. if you can be understanding toward each other you will have a strong bond. that is what i see.

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