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My parents? Making me go mad...?

I'm not trusted on the computer... I have to leave my door open. My dad says it's because our security online is messing up, and I could be doing bad things. WELL even before it messed up I had to have my door open. They will not give me a direct answer on why they are making me leave open my door. I just want to know why they make me do this, when they know I get fussy over my privacy... (My parents have a record of reading my IM's and cell phone) I just don't understand why! I have calmly, nemerous times, asked them why they make me leave my door open, and they refuse to give me a direct answer. This makes me think of it suspiciously, thinking they do it just because they can. Help me...


There is nowhere else in our quite small house for the computer.

I'm 14...

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    I know you hate it, Dear, but they are just being good parents. Just be thankful that they care so much. And be thankful you have a computer in your room. My son will never have one in his room and I don't know any other parents who let their kids have them in their rooms.

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    You should be so thankful your parents care enough about you to take precautions. If you were my daughter, the computer would be in a neutral area of the home, available to all the family. Your cell phone would have strict limits as would your IM's. I would take my responsibility as your parent seriously enough to make sure you were safe until you were grown and well able to make wise decisions without my supervision. Surely you don't want to become one of those horrible statistics I hear about on the news. Rape, beatings, murder even. No one can be too careful; predators are everywhere and a parent's worst nightmare could become your reality. Hug your parents and thank them.

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    say what you want now, but these are all things your children will be asking when they turn 14- your parents love you and maybe a part of them remembers what it is like to be 14- believe me, you never think you'll do crazy or bad things but it sometimes happens-- so.... let them be your parents, follow the rules and show them you can be trusted- and if you screw up- they'll them- this will let them know you want their trust even if you mess up--- there are people who don't give a rats a-- about their children and let them do dangerous things- things you will only regret later- if they do not kill you first!! they love you-----

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    Yeah i know how you feel.. Thats happeneed to me before.. My parents (before they got a divorce) thought i would be doing bad things to my privlages having a computer in my room they had my door opened for along time.. i told them i really dont like my door open like that.. it makes me feel like you dont trust me well enough to let me do a few things on my own.. I wont do anything like that and you should know me i know right from wrong.. please give me a chance.. Turns out they did..

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    In this day and age of online predators, your parents are being protective of you. Also remember it is their computer and you could go to illegal sites and dirty up Dad's computer. Some sites are targets for virus's, myspace is one of them. Since you didn't mention your age, then that might have alot to do with it. Keep trying to convince them but you have to do your part also.

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    They are just trying to protect you. There have been many cases where bad people pose as young young people and try to befriend young girls online. Sometimes these people try to do bad things to these young girls. So, your parents are just trying to make sure that you aren't doing anything that would put you in a situation where you are going to get hurt.

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    You should consider yourself lucky you are not my daughter. I would never let my child have a computer in their room ever!!!!!!! There are to many perverts out there. You have to realize your parents are watching out for you. Fell lucky you have the privileges you do.

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    To get your parents to give you more space, you first have to prove yourself. They won't let you wear makeup if, when they say no, you throw a tantrum, throwing yourself to the ground and screaming bloody murder.

    Choose your battles! Decide what's most important to you-- being allowed to go to the movies with your friends or redecorating your room your way? Don't ask questions when your dad's making dinner or your mom's paying bills. Your requests will go unheard if they're busy. A good time to ask is during dinner or just tell them you need some alone time with them to talk.

    If your parents are hesitant to let you go to a new friend's house, invite your friend to your house first. Your parents will get to meet her and hopefully will understand why you want to hang out with her. If they still won't let you go to her house, respect their decision and don't harp on it.

    When it comes to makeup or clothes, parents tend to have strong opinions about what their little princess is running off to school wearing. Explain that you want to start experimenting with makeup. Check out Cover and create a look right for you! Show it to your mom or dad and see what they say. If they'll only allow you to wear makeup at home, try out some understated looks. Don't glob on the bright blue eyeliner and red lipstick. Show them that you can wear makeup and still look like a respectable tween.

    The next time you go shopping with your parents, show them the clothes YOU like. Don't pick out revealing tops and paint-on jeans. Even if they let you buy clothes like that, clothing like that sends out the wrong message. You still want to look modest, but with your own, individual style.

    If they're not footing the bill for your new sparkly eye shadow or hip hugger jeans, ask if you can do some extra chores around the house. They'll see that you're willing to give a little to get a little.

    Your parents are quick to say no to a lot of things because they don't think you're old enough to make wise decisions. Don't ask to wear makeup if you're only asking because all of your friends wear it. When you want your parents to give you more leeway to make your own decisions, make sure it's something you really want. Present them with examples and ideas of how you'd use your new independence-- like how you'd redecorate your room or the clothes you'd pick out.

    Don't ask for too much and respect your parents' guidelines. Some independence will just have to wait-- going out on dates or going out with your friends unsupervised will come when you're older. If your parents say you can go to your friend's house, but have to get picked up at 9pm, don't put up a fight. Your parents will think you're acting like a baby and probably won't let you go.

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