Only answer if you want to. Do not feel obligated.?

If anyone has ever undergone an abortion, how was the experience? How did it affect you? Write a response as long or as short as you want it to be, or even write a poem if you want.


I want experiences. This is not the place to post your pro-life/pro-choice propaganda and the like.

Update 2:

In response to N.B: I wasn't referring to you. This was just a safeguard against anyone who was going to tarnish the comfort of being able to talk about it with answers of "HEARTLESS MURDERERS!" In case you felt targeted, I apologize.

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    God's hand is slowly moving

    To form a little child,

    Its tiny, sweet heart beating,

    Its mind not yet defiled.

    And then its death comes swiftly,

    By a doctor who is used to this work,

    While the would-be mother is shedding tears,

    And her emotions go berserk.

    She's lonely, sad, and confused,

    And with every single breath

    The knowledge drives her crazy

    That she's put her child to death.

    So God looks upon His child

    The one that was never known,

    And with tears of both sorrow and joy,

    He brings his baby home.

    Christina Settles

    Age 13



    but as the asker requested "or even write a poem if you want".

    I was afraid of becoming angry with me, anyway thank you for your kind reply.

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    I had one when I was 7 months along. I was told the baby could have down's syndrome because I was an older parent, but we didn't care so we never did an ultrasound. It wasn't until later that we found the baby was anacephalic (no brain at all). He would have been a vegetable incapable of even knowing if he was being held. A flashlight shined in his ear would have come out his other ear. We did not consider that a life. A tree has more awareness than this baby would have had.

    What was truly sad was a little girl (14 I think) who was there for the 3rd time. Where are the parents??

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    I've had an abortion when I was 22. It was an experience I NEVER want to go through again. I was not ready to get married nor was my boyfriend at the time. The decision was made pretty quickly. I was quite far along so the doctor had to dilate me in order to smoothly do the procedure. It was very painful. The operation itself was uneventful cuz I was under Anestassia. But after the operation the doctor showed me a jar of what came out of me. I can still see that jar over ten years later in my mind. I still feel remorse and regret having been careless. I am thankful to my doctor cuz he certainly made me promise myself never to go through that again.

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    Depends.............if the abortion is doesnt matter much..........if its all of a sudden without ur knowledge then it hurts n causes depression..........if its due to some stuctural deformity like ectopic its for good coz it costs ur life, n abortion in early stages below 8 weeks wont hurt u much than abortion after18-20weeks.

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