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Im a guitarist Ive ben playing for 3 years. Im good at it. I just get finger twisted when i try to do solos.?

Can anyone help me out. If u have any advice that will help me get thru a solo easier. Thanks

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    Other than the obvious, keep practicing, all I can suggest is hitting some of the notes on different strings. EX: Instead of hitting th 3rd string on the 12th fret, hit the 2nd string 8th fret. It will require move hand movement up and down the neck, but it should separate your fingers a bit.

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    #1 MOST IMPORTANT - RELAX! Chill. Breathe. The more you tense up and think ahead during the solo, the more clenched up your body, mind, and fingers will get.

    #2 TAKE YOUR TIME. Solos are very very hard. Concentrate on which keys the song is using, what mood you want to set forth, and how you want to express your playing.

    A great way to excersise solos is to use a keyboard that has a simple drum beat pattern on it. You can set the tempo to any speed you want and just relax.

    Practice makes perfect. Good luck!

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    I guess it's all about coordination. I used to play the guitar (way back in middle school). So I'm definitely not as guitar savvy as you are. Perhaps you could try practicing the solo a little slower. And when you get the hang of it, speed up the tempo a bit.

    Good luck.

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    break the solo up into many sections, I have found that easier for me. Then play the solo slowly, until you get that section, one you are able to play it correctly play it faster, until u r up to speed then add an additional section, slowly, and so on....... it takes time and years of practice, I've been playing for 16 years, and a little saying was said to me along time ago......"practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect." play it 50 times perfect, then move on. good luck,

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    you have to play the solo very slowly at first then once you play the whole thing correctly play a little faster and then faster... playin it slowly first does help a lot. Soon you'll be able to play the whole thing correctly

    Source(s): i have played the guitar for 5 years and it worked for me, especially in the solo for the guitar in Holiday by Greenday.
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    Try to put notes that are easy to change to. If you have to VERY VERY different notes, then it might be hard for you to switch your fingers. Hope this helps!

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