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Does anyone know of a horse barn in Las Vegas where you are not required to pay for full board?

I am a hands on horse owner. I would like to board them (there are 2) but supply their feed, hay, exercise, stall cleaning, etc. Everything I'm coming across is full board where you only have to show up and ride. Are there any barns that rent stalls only?

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    try visiting the ranches there i know alot of ranches in my area welcome the help also try private ranches it is hard getting to know people when your new to the area or a new horse owner but once you have that established its around every corner you turn so i would get out and mingle as much as possible I'm sure my answer didn't give you what you were looking for but i have one question for you that might be a long shot and the reason I'm asking is because of your name and your a horse owner but by any chance did you ever own a horse named buzz in rancho cordova CA you can e-mail me at i will explain more through email

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